Todd Dean is a Partner in Ascendis’ Omnichannel Strategy and Technology practice and is a retail, omnichannel and e-commerce veteran. He advises and consults with retailers, consumer brands, and malls on solutions to help solve and articulate their omnichannel vision.

Todd joined the ALDO Group in the 1990s and learned the business by rotating through a series of retail operations and marketing positions. In 1999, he left to pursue a six-year career in consulting during which he worked for STS Consulting and served clients like Liz Claiborne, Nike and Armani. In 2003, he rejoined the ALDO Group family and was soon promoted to the position of director of e-commerce with the mandate to launch the ALDO transactional website.

Todd became ALDO Group’s vice-president of cross channel and e-commerce where he was responsible for web marketing and merchandising, online operations and mobile and web analytics.

Todd also led omnichannel strategy and implementation at the ALDO group. More specifically, he worked with the organization’s leaders to develop a united vision. Here he tackled tough questions about the strengths and weaknesses of the ALDO group, and what kind of brand ALDO wanted to be.

In addition to his consulting work at Ascendis, Todd co-founded Wirkn (, an innovative employment solution that connects and rewards youth with brands they want to work with. The company was created to help millennials, retailers and malls connect the right people with the right jobs.