Ascendis offers services and training programs eligible for PACME

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Ascendis can assist you in updating your human resources management activities and offer training and coaching programs.

To help businesses better position themselves for economic recovery, the Government of Quebec has set up the Programme actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi* (PACME), which provides direct assistance to businesses for human resources management and workforce skills development activities.
* Concerted Action Program for Maintaining Employment

Ascendis offers consulting services and training programs that support the following elements of PACME

Human Resources Management activities:

  • Diagnostic of the human resources function and other functions;
  • Implementation of human resources management practices (e.g. internal and corporate communication, remote work policy, employee engagement, etc.);
  • Coaching and leadership development as well as management skills.

Training programs:

  • Digital skills required to improve your online marketing and sales strategy;
  • Customer experience best practices to support business growth and reduce operating costs;
  • Change leadership and virtual team management skills.

Categories of services eligible under PACME

Ascendis’ services and training programs

Diagnostic of the human resources function and other functions

  • Diagnostic of the human resources function
  • Diagnostic of the marketing function (incl. digital marketing)

Engagement : Human Resources Management

  • Internal and corporate communication
  • Remote work policy
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management

Coaching and development of management skills

  • Leadership skills assessment, individual development plan, leadership development training
  • Team and individual coaching
  • Development of management skills
  • Management skills Coaching

Training programs

  • Digital skills required to improve online marketing and sales strategy
  • Customer experience best practices to support business growth
  • Change leadership skills
  • Virtual team management

Summary: Financial support announced by the provincial government with the PACME

This program can be combined with other measures announced by the federal or provincial governments during the specified period.

Reimbursement of eligible expenses for business training projects are based on the following percentages:


  • 100% of expenses of $100,000 or less;
  • 50% of expenses between $100,000 and $500,000;

Eligible expenses

Reimbursement of salaries up to a maximum of:

  • 25% of the payroll of workers in training (maximum eligible wage of $25/hour), if the business receives Canada’s emergency wage subsidy of 75%;
  • 90% of the payroll of workers in training, if the company receives Canada’s temporary 10% wage subsidy;
  • 100% of the wages of the workers in training, if the organization does not receive a federal government wage subsidy.

Reimbursement, up to 100%, of training expenses their related costs and costs related to human resources management activities, according to the applicable scales (e.g., professional fees).

Eligible period

Projects will be accepted until September 30th 2020, or until the budget envelope of $100 million is exhausted

CONTACT US for more details on the Ascendis services, which your business can benefit from with PACME.

Human resources

(diagnosic, training and coaching)
Chantale Ranger, Partner

Digital skills

(marketing and eCommerce)
Karim Salabi, Partner

Customer Experience

(diagnostic and training)
Jean-Pierre Sablé, Partner

Autres questions

Chantal Godbout, Vice President Marketing, Partnerships and Program Management

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