Customer & Market Insights

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We guide you to a deep comprehension of your target customers' needs, motivations, and desires, ensuring your strategies align closely with their expectations.

Our customer insights team conducts immersive qualitative research to help you gain an empathetic understanding of the everyday experiences that shape the lives of your customers and their relationship with your category, brand, products and services.

We enable you to see your business through the eyes of your customer, identify unmet or unarticulated customer needs, and uncover unique opportunities to enhance and differentiate your customer experience while standing out in the market.

What We Do

Market Trends and Customer Behavior

We merge market scanning with ethnographic studies to offer a dual perspective on emerging trends and customer behaviors, delivering a multi-dimensional view that informs strategic action.

Strategic Customer Understanding

Our approach balances rigorous analysis with immersive customer research, ensuring that every strategy is underpinned by a robust understanding of customer needs and market potentials.

Opportunity and Scenario Analysis

Through trend analysis and customer journey mapping, we identify lucrative opportunities and develop forward-looking scenarios, enabling you to anticipate and prepare for future market shifts.

How We Help

Gain a deep understanding of your customers' realities to ensure every touchpoint across channels resonates with and meets their needs and desires.
Identify and meticulously assess critical pain points in the customer journey, creating strategies to enhance the overall service experience.
Evaluate and refine your internal operations and systems, ensuring they are perfectly aligned to deliver exceptional current and new services.
Develop innovative concepts and ideas that address customer pain points, elevating the everyday service experience to meet and exceed expectations.
Design new service models from the ground up, introducing incremental value to delight customers and drive revenue growth for your business.
Formulate and execute detailed action plans for the adoption of new service models, ensuring seamless communication and training within your team for effective delivery.

Client Testimonial


As part of Lee Valley’s brand modernization strategy, we partnered with Ascendis to construct a fundamental understanding of our customers and envision what our future customer experience could be. The depth and quality of the work provided by Ascendis have built an extensive foundation of knowledge that Lee Valley will strategically benefit from for years to come. The insight gained from this vital engagement has strengthened our organization.

Jason Tassé

President & Chief Operating Officer, Lee Valley Tools


I worked with Ascendis on our rebranding strategy at Solotech. From research and positioning strategy, to ideation and visual creation, our journey culminated with the launch of a renewed and dynamic brand. Ascendis was "simply spectacular", to use the slogan that now accompanies Solotech around the world.

Christine Latour

Chief du marketing et des communications (CMCO), Solotech


Deploying a strategic plan requires to not only ensure the participation of all internal and external stakeholders, but also to receive rigorous support from people who ask the right questions. No matter how much we think we know our organization well, there is nothing better than an external view and opinion, which can sometimes even be incisive, to inform a strategic approach. If it is done with tact and competence, it forces us to surpass ourselves. Ascendis has precisely these qualities and this talent.

Michel Labrecque

CEO of the Olympic Park