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CCM's Digital Evolution with Ascendis: Crafting a Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Ascendis was the strategic partner chosen by CCM to lead their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) channel's evolution. Our expertise in devising business strategies and implementing cloud-based systems was key to developing a robust DTC model.

Strategic Rollout and Enhanced Digital Ecosystem

We initiated our partnership with CCM in October 2020, taking on the program management for the DTC launch. A sturdy technology architecture was put in place, incorporating a range of digital tools, from Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce OMS to other eCommerce essentials, facilitating an integrated customer experience.

By the end of 2020, our efforts focused on refining the customer experience design for CCM's core products, ensuring a cohesive presence across digital and retail channels.

Digital Transformation Workshops and Leadership Training

In March 2021, we advanced our strategy by leading CCM's Senior Leadership through a series of digital transformation workshops, laying the groundwork for the DTC business model's success.

Platform Management and Optimized Operations

Our commitment continued with comprehensive platform management, advising on strategy, and providing ongoing support within the Salesforce DTC Platform throughout the following phases. In 2022, we brought CCM Europe into the Salesforce fold, and by the end of 2023, we made significant enhancements to their operations with an API-first architecture, incorporating Mulesoft to optimize their systems.

Driving International Growth and Operational Excellence

CCM Europe's introduction to the commerce cloud in 2022 was followed by the transactional capabilities being added in late 2023, unifying their international channels onto their Salesforce stack. In January 2023, we assigned a dedicated team to refine CCM’s digital platform, aiming to improve conversion rates and foster brand allegiance.

Unifying Channels and Technology for Future Success

As CCM stepped into October 2023, the successful launch of the European DTC channel marked a major milestone. With the introduction of an optimized API-first architecture, we enhanced the efficiency and scalability of CCM's operations, setting the stage for continuous innovation and growth.

This ongoing partnership with Ascendis is a testament to our capability to handle complex digital projects, drive business growth, and support the intricate needs of an international DTC channel.