Davids Tea

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Infusing DAVIDsTEA with a Robust Digital Commerce Strategy

Faced with the challenge of declining retail store sales, DAVIDsTEA turned to Ascendis for a comprehensive digital and omnichannel overhaul. Our mission was clear: construct a breakthrough strategy and marketing plan to rejuvenate the brand's presence and sales channels.

Strategic eCommerce Revitalization

Working in lockstep with DAVIDsTEA, we meticulously mapped out, launched, and fine-tuned a new eCommerce platform. This venture went beyond mere implementation; it was about crafting a digital ecosystem that could drive significant business growth.

Mobile Experience Innovation

In conjunction with the eCommerce efforts, our digital marketing programs were tailored to propel DAVIDsTEA into a new era of online engagement and sales success. These targeted initiatives bridged the gap between the physical and digital realms, fostering a seamless omnichannel experience for customers.

Our collaboration expanded to reimagining DAVIDsTEA's mobile presence. We conceptualized and designed cutting-edge mobile experiences that catered not only to customers but also to store associates, facilitating a cohesive journey whether in-store or online.