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Strategic Growth Planning for DeSerres: A Collaborative Success

Ascendis partnered with DeSerres, Canada's leader arts & crafts specialty retailer, to develop a strategic growth plan that aligns with the brand's ambitious goals. This project underscored the importance of combining industry insights with innovative strategy development to propel DeSerres forward in a competitive market.

Approach and Execution

Our journey with DeSerres began with an in-depth analysis of the company's current market position, identifying areas of opportunity and potential growth. Through close collaboration with DeSerres' leadership, Ascendis developed a tailored strategic plan that not only addresses immediate business needs but also sets a clear direction for sustainable long-term growth.

Outcome and Impact

The strategic growth plan delivered to DeSerres serves as a roadmap for expansion and innovation, guiding the company through the complexities of today's retail landscape. It highlights key areas for development, from enhancing customer experience to leveraging digital channels for increased market penetration.

Our partnership with DeSerres showcases how strategic planning, grounded in thorough analysis and collaborative insight, can effectively lay the groundwork for a company's continued success and expansion.