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Strategic Planning Collaboration: Parc Olympique and Ascendis

In seeking to refine its strategic direction, Parc Olympique turned to Ascendis for expertise in blending internal and external insights. The focus was on evolving Parc Olympique’s strategy through a partnership that valued deep analysis and constructive dialogue.

Insight from Michel Labrecque, CEO of Parc Olympique: “Developing a strategic plan is a comprehensive process that requires input from every corner of our organization and beyond. It's about finding the right guidance to ask the pivotal questions. Despite our extensive knowledge of our own operations, an external perspective—especially one that's thoughtfully direct—can provide invaluable clarity to our strategy. It's the combination of tact and expertise that pushes us to reach further. Ascendis has been instrumental in bringing these elements together.”

Our work with Parc Olympique demonstrates the power of collaborative effort in strategic planning. Through our external insights and a commitment to constructive feedback, we were honored to assist Michel Labrecque and his team in exploring new paths for growth and strategic innovation.