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Revamping Solotech: A Global Leap Forward with Ascendis

Solotech's ambition to elevate its position in the Live Productions and Systems Integration industry led to a pivotal collaboration with Ascendis. The goal was straightforward: transform Solotech into a globally recognized provider, a challenge that both parties eagerly embraced.

Strategic Revitalization and Digital Presence

The collaboration was rooted in a strategic overhaul, with Ascendis working closely with Solotech's leadership to redefine the company’s service offerings and carve out a fresh brand strategy. This partnership extended to crafting a new brand identity and launching Solotech's revamped company website, marking significant milestones in Solotech's journey towards global recognition.

Christine Latour, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Solotech, reflected on the collaboration:

“I worked with Ascendis on our rebranding strategy at Solotech. From research and positioning strategy, to ideation and visual creation, our journey culminated with the launch of a renewed and dynamic brand. Ascendis was "simply spectacular", to use the slogan that now accompanies Solotech around the world.”

Continuous Growth and Innovation

Despite global challenges, including the pandemic, Solotech’s story is one of uninterrupted growth and innovation. The company not only continued its expansion but also seized new opportunities to innovate. This resilience and forward-thinking approach underscored Solotech's commitment to not just maintaining its market position but actively enhancing it.

Our partnership between Solotech and Ascendis, is centered around strategic rebranding and digital innovation. It highlights a significant phase in Solotech's journey, emphasizing the tangible outcomes and growth that stemmed from this collaboration.”