B2B & B2C Platform Implementation & Management

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We empower you to make strategic platform decisions, ensuring your B2B and B2C ecosystems are scalable, and adapted to the todays market

With a focus on your unique challenges, our team conducts thorough analyses of your current technology environment. This allows us to design solutions that are precisely tailored to your business requirements. We pride ourselves on developing and deploying digital platforms that not only meet the current demands of commerce but are also adaptable for the future.

Our commitment extends to ongoing platform management, where we ensure that your digital infrastructure continues to support your business goals and adapts to technological progress. This hands-on approach guarantees that your platforms remain effective, secure, and aligned with your strategic vision, fostering growth and enhancing customer engagement.

What We Do

Systems Audit & Solution Mapping

Begin with detailed analysis of your technology environment, using these insights to architect and plan bespoke solutions that meet your unique business challenges.

Platform Development & Deployment

Specialize in creating and launching sophisticated digital platforms, ensuring a secure, robust infrastructure that meets modern commerce demands. Deep expertise in major commerce platforms in lcuding Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, B2B, Marketing Cloud and Shopify

Technology Optimization & Managed Services

Provide ongoing optimization and management of your digital platforms, ensuring they evolve with your business needs and remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

How We Help

Harness seasoned insights to craft digital strategies that elevate your market position, ensuring sustained growth through targeted, innovative solutions.
Transform your digital footprint with our comprehensive commerce expertise, creating seamless, engaging experiences that captivate your audience.
Leverage our proven track record in digital execution to innovate your platforms, focusing on scalability, security, and user engagement for business success.
Draw on actionable, strategic advice from experienced digital leaders to navigate market changes, identifying opportunities for competitive advantage.
Simplify complex digital challenges with our acumen, employing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance your operational efficiency.
Capitalize on our strategic support to refine your digital operations, unlocking growth opportunities and optimizing your presence in the eCommerce space.

Client Testimonial


As part of Lee Valley’s brand modernization strategy, we partnered with Ascendis to construct a fundamental understanding of our customers and envision what our future customer experience could be. The depth and quality of the work provided by Ascendis have built an extensive foundation of knowledge that Lee Valley will strategically benefit from for years to come. The insight gained from this vital engagement has strengthened our organization.

Jason Tassé

President & Chief Operating Officer, Lee Valley Tools


I worked with Ascendis on our rebranding strategy at Solotech. From research and positioning strategy, to ideation and visual creation, our journey culminated with the launch of a renewed and dynamic brand. Ascendis was "simply spectacular", to use the slogan that now accompanies Solotech around the world.

Christine Latour

Chief du marketing et des communications (CMCO), Solotech


Deploying a strategic plan requires to not only ensure the participation of all internal and external stakeholders, but also to receive rigorous support from people who ask the right questions. No matter how much we think we know our organization well, there is nothing better than an external view and opinion, which can sometimes even be incisive, to inform a strategic approach. If it is done with tact and competence, it forces us to surpass ourselves. Ascendis has precisely these qualities and this talent.

Michel Labrecque

CEO of the Olympic Park