Change Management

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Ascendis specializes in orchestrating successful organizational transformations, guiding clients through complex change initiatives with precision and expertise.

Les individus ne résistent souvent pas au changement en soi, mais plutôt à la manière dont il est géré.

Nous sommes vos partenaires pour atteindre les objectifs visés dans les échéanciers prévus tout en en minimisant les impacts sur vos opérations.

What We Do

Preparation and Structure

In-depth analysis to identify issues before launching projects, ensuring the establishment of an effective management structure.

Operational Support

Close collaboration with your teams for harmonious integration of processes, optimizing communication and training.

Strategic Diagnostic

Targeted audit of current actions with recommendations for an optimal transformation journey.

Change Management Coaching

Enriching educational programs and ongoing support to strengthen internal transformation skills.

Dedicated Team

Assisting the creation of a specialized team, supporting the recruitment and integration of key resources.

How We Help

We assess your needs and change objectives, identifying challenges and opportunities.
We develop tailor-made strategies and support you in their operational implementation.
We are carefully monitoring the process, adjusting our approaches as needed to ensure a successful transition.
We strengthen your internal capabilities through training and coaching programs.
We carry out regular assessments to ensure an adaptive and results-driven approach in the long term.

Client Testimonial


Deploying a strategic plan requires to not only ensure the participation of all internal and external stakeholders, but also to receive rigorous support from people who ask the right questions. No matter how much we think we know our organization well, there is nothing better than an external view and opinion, which can sometimes even be incisive, to inform a strategic approach. If it is done with tact and competence, it forces us to surpass ourselves. Ascendis has precisely these qualities and this talent.

Michel Labrecque

CEO of the Olympic Park


I worked with Ascendis on our rebranding strategy at Solotech. From research and positioning strategy, to ideation and visual creation, our journey culminated with the launch of a renewed and dynamic brand. Ascendis was "simply spectacular", to use the slogan that now accompanies Solotech around the world.

Christine Latour

Chief du marketing et des communications (CMCO), Solotech


As part of Lee Valley’s brand modernization strategy, we partnered with Ascendis to construct a fundamental understanding of our customers and envision what our future customer experience could be. The depth and quality of the work provided by Ascendis have built an extensive foundation of knowledge that Lee Valley will strategically benefit from for years to come. The insight gained from this vital engagement has strengthened our organization.

Jason Tassé

President & Chief Operating Officer, Lee Valley Tools