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Customer Experience & Transformation

Brand Development & Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is about identifying and fulfilling customer needs and is the key to marketing success.

Effective strategic marketing uses consumer insight to drive segmentation, targeting, positioning and offer development. Ascendis’ services include: market assessment, market segmentation, target marketing, strategic positioning, marketing plan development and market research.

Customer Experience & Transformation

Don’t we all wish that our clients become our best advocates?

However, few companies have succeeded in transforming their operations, their culture, and their technology to deliver measurable business value out of a client-driven transformation. Ascendis has the credentials in both consulting and industry experience, to support companies when it comes to building their roadmap, prioritizing and piloting initiatives that drive growth, while also delivering on client retention or cost reduction.

Brand Development & Strategy

Brand Strategy is about the relationship your brand has with both its internal and external customers.

Your brand. It’s one of the few things your company can own. The most successful brands are the result of a disciplined alignment of brand strategies and customer needs. As practitioners and consultants across a broad range of industries, our team has the acquired experience, and deep expertise required to offer a full range of branding services from positioning, architecture, through naming, identity design and brand management.

Case Studies


Optimize online presence to address decline of in-store purchases
To address the decreasing sales in retail stores, Ascendis helped DAVIDsTEA develop a revenue growth strategy to leverage an optimize their digital presence. We reviewed the website and the digital marketing strategy, then designed a new eCommerce website platform and operationalized the proposed changes


Make the leap from B2B, to B2C with an Amazon presence.
We helped Bestar reach out directly to consumers to complement the existing wholesaler distribution model. We repositioned the brand and developed a digital expansion strategy. Our recommendation was to sell through Amazon. We also performed a product analysis to identify the optimal online offerings.