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Organizations that make their mark, regardless of industry, are those that attract and mobilize the right talent to address changing internal and external needs.

At Ascendis we believe that one of the biggest challenge leaders face today is their company moving forward together in an ever-evolving context.

We also know that aligning efforts to reach bold targets requires more than aligning your vision, strategy and values. Addressing culture is essential, particularly if your business requires a transformation, or is already in the midst of one. We help our clients build capability, mobilize their teams, and trigger the right behaviours to increase agility and drive growth.

Issues you may be struggling with:

Slow moving or stagnating initiatives
High or increasing turnover rate
Issues attracting and retaining talent
Leadership team not aligned or walking the talk
Team performance issues
Leadership and employee behaviors aren’t aligned with desired mindsets/culture
Internal skillsets don’t meet new business needs

Our services can
help with:

Organizational Alignment & Design
Leadership Development Programs & Team Performance
Transformational, Cultural, Digital, Functional Change Strategy
Talent Practices and Culture Diagnostic & Optimization
Employee Experience

Case Studies

Communication agency

Define a key competency model to drive organisational performance
We developed a key competency model for the different roles within the organization. We also created a training program that was tailor-made, so that requirements could be met across the entire organization. The result was the alignment of the performance review process with the competency model.

Heavy machinery maintenance

Evaluate leadership performance to successfully tackle the next growth phase
In the context of virtual teams, with team members working on different continents, an assessment of the team effectiveness and climate was performed at 3 levels: executive, operations, and sales.


Review of the organisational and open shareholder structure for the next generation of talent
To address the desire expressed by the existing employees to eventually have equity in the business and be part of the management team, the company put a process in place to identify, select, and prepare the next generation of partners.

Security equipment manufacturer

Post acquisition integration
After they acquired a new company, we reviewed and optimized management approaches and operational processes, to and facilitate ensure the seamless integration of people, processes, and technology.