We help you create seamless customer journeys with your brand, products and services.

In today's connected world, the possibilities for customer and brand interaction are seemingly endless. We combine a variety of experience design methods to help you envision, define and design seamless customer journeys across each and every point of interaction with your brand, products and services.

Our experience design process is grounded in customer insights and focuses on leveraging participatory design activities that enable all stakeholders, including your customers, to co-create experiences together.

What we do

Experience Audits

We conduct comprehensive audits of your current customer experience across channels and touchpoints to identify key opportunities to improve.

Current State Journey Maps

We define your current customer journey across channels, identifying key pain points, gain points and opportunities to improve your customer experience.

Co-Creation Labs

We facilitate co-creation labs, involving participatory design exercises that enable your team and customers to ideate and imagine new experiences together.

Future State Journey Maps

We envision your ideal customer journey across channels and develop concepts to alleviate current pain points and create new experience possibilities.

Sketches & Storyboards

We develop hand-drawn sketches and storyboards that illustrate key experience concepts and scenarios throughout your customer journey.

UX & UI Design

Our product design team develops comprehensive UX and UI designs for digital and interactive experiences throughout your customer journey.

Service Design

Our service design team develops new service models and creates detailed blueprints for new service experiences throughout your customer journey.

Experience Roadmaps

We help you prioritize new experience concepts and develop comprehensive roadmaps that outline all short-term to long-term experience initiatives.

How we help

Gain an intimate understanding of your customer’s current experience across channels and touchpoints.

Identify critical pain points and evaluate key opportunities to improve your experience across channels and touchpoints.

Rapidly develop ideas and concepts to alleviate pain points and capture opportunities to improve your experience.

Design a seamless and cohesive customer journey across every point of interaction with your brand, products and services.

Create meaningful brand, product and service experiences that will truly resonate with your customers.

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Ascendis was engaged to lead CCM through a major digital transformation, including the planning, development and launch of CCM’s new DTC channel and eCommerce website. We also helped CCM gain a better understand their customers and envision their future customer experience.

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