Insight &

We help you gain an intimate understanding of your customer and identify emerging market opportunities for your business.

Research is the core of our process. Our insight and foresight team continuously explores the intersections of human behaviour, market trends, emerging technology and business futures.

We bring together a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to help you gain an intimate understanding of your customer, evaluate emerging market opportunities, and develop the long-term strategic perspective needed to uncover new possibilities for your business.

What we do

Customer Insights

We help you gain an empathetic understanding of the needs, motivations and desires of your customers.

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Market Intelligence

We help you assess market opportunities and evaluate market trends to make informed business decisions.

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Technology Research

We help you navigate the changing tech landscape and make forward-thinking technology decisions.

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Strategic Foresight

We help you develop long-term strategic perspective and evaluate future scenarios for your business.

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How we work


We put the needs of your customer at the centre of everything we create together by including them as active participants in our process.


Our team of reseachers, strategists, designers and technologists brings a diversity of thinking and methods to every project we work on.

Lean & Agile

We conduct a proven project delivery process that combines the best parts of Lean and Agile principles and methodologies.


We blend quantitive and qualitative insights to inform, inspire and drive every strategy, design and technology decision we help you make.


We continuously evaluate emerging market, culture and technology trends to help you shape informed perspectives on future business scenarios.


Our focus is to help you develop strategies and create new products, services and experiences that will drive growth for your business.

Related work

CCM Hockey

Ascendis was engaged to lead CCM through a major digital transformation, including the planning, development and launch of CCM’s new DTC channel and eCommerce website. We also helped CCM gain a better understand their customers and envision their future customer experience.

Lee Valley Tools

Ascendis was engaged to help take Lee Valley’s customer experience, digital commerce platform and digital marketing programs to the next level. We delivered comprehensive customer and market insights, journey maps, experience designs and strategic roadmaps.


Ascendis helped Microsoft gain an intimate understanding of Surface customers and envision the ideal customer experience with Surface across channels. We delivered comprehensive customer insights reports, journey maps, experience designs and strategic roadmaps.

Client Testimonials