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We help you develop progressive strategies and pragmatic action plans to drive growth for your business.

Our team works closely with you to evaluate new market opportunities, establish a forward-thinking vision for your business and develop tactical strategies to solve complex challenges, accelerate growth and create competitive advantage.

We can help you with everything from conducting market assessments and creating market penetration and development strategies, to designing new business models and developing new product and service offerings.

We conduct a rigorous strategic planning process that enables you to identify where the best opportunities lie for your business, understand the trade-offs between different business scenarios, and develop practical action plans to execute your strategy and achieve your growth objectives.

What we do

Strategic Planning

We conduct a rigorous planning process that empowers you to make informed strategic choices for your business and execute your strategy flawlessly.

Market Analysis

We conduct comprehensive market analysis and complete tailored studies that help you assess the potential of new market opportunities for your business.

Growth Strategy

We help you pinpoint where the highest potential growth opportunities exist for your business and develop progressive strategies to capture them.

Business Modeling

We work with you to envision, design, test, develop and commercialize new business models, product offerings and service offerings.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We develop innovative strategies and practical action plans to help you bring new businesses, products and services to market and create competitive advantage.

Commercial Due Diligence

We work with you to conduct a comprehensive market, customer, brand and competitor analysis that help you make a more informed decision to acquire or invest in a company.

How we help

Increase market share and sales in your core markets by developing commercial strategies adapted to your current competitive environment.

Identify, target and acquire new customers in your existing geographic markets and product/service lines.

Successfully expand into new geographic markets by improving your understanding of market, customer, channel and competitive dynamics.

Grow and diversify your revenues by launching alternate distribution channels such as eCommerce and online marketplaces without disrupting your existing distribution.

Envision, define, develop and commercialize new business models and implement winning go-to-market strategies.

We help SMBs Accelerate Growth.

Adrenalys is an unprecedented economic development initiative created by Ascendis to propel high potential Quebec-based SMBs to the next level of their growth.

Related work

Global Cheese Manufacturer

A global cheese manufacturer engaged Ascendis and EY to help develop a new growth strategy that included the development of a new DTC channel. Ascendis and EY delivered detailed market analysis and consumer insights, and developed the business plan and go-to-market strategy for the new channel.


Ascendis was engaged to help Mondou launch a new product line to increase North American market penetration. We developed a comprehensive strategic plan and helped Mondou establish a joint venture to manufacture pet food for distribution in the North American market.

Lussier Dale Parizeau

Following a major acquisition, Ascendis helped LDP review its strategic plan. Ascendis was then mandated to devise a commercial plan for each of the business units, which led to increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Client Testimonials