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Market Assessment & Penetration
Commercial Due Diligence
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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the art of making choices. Choosing means giving something up in order to make an important gain… and we all know how hard that can be for us as human beings! Planning at Ascendis means putting a rigorous process in place and gathering facts that allow leaders to make informed strategy choices and implement only priority projects that will mobilize your teams.

Market Assessment & Penetration

If your organization wants to commercialize its innovations, or plan its international expansion, Ascendis can support you in the realization of a market study or help you penetrate a new market. In the past, we’ve found new distributors for our customers, and have even replaced sales team members. Want to increase your revenues? Ascendis will help you generate tangible results.

Commercial Due Dilligence

Quebec is full of hundreds of experienced experts capable of diligent legal and financial reviews; so we don’t touch that! However, few organizations have the ability to deconstruct revenue projections and make very critical judgments about the realism of the sales projections provided by your acquisition target. Looking for experts to study a market and deflate, if necessary, unrealistic sales projections? We can help.

Program Management

Ascendis has developed a leading expertise in the design and management of support programs for SMEs. For example, in 2015 Ascendis founded the Adrenalys program; a private multidisciplinary group dedicated to propelling the new business elite in Quebec. In 2019, Ascendis scored big again with Aplomb MTL; an entrepreneurial endeavour for the City of Montreal, with the objective of supporting our Montreal exporters in their international expansion plans. Whether you’re looking for bold program ideas to create a dynamic community around your organization, or a rigorous manager that allows you to implement it, Ascendis is your bright choice.

Case Studies

Fourgons Transit

Identify the best sales channels to penetrate the US market
In order to penetrate markets in the US, we identified the best possible sales channels. In the context of a strategic growth plan, we identified that the North Eastern US was the market with the most potential. Distributors were selected based on their ability to comply with the service-level requirements that aligned with the positioning strategy for that market.

Harnois Énergies

Strategic planning following a series of acquisitions
Following the rapid growth of the organization, largely through a series of acquisitions completed in just a few years, we accompanied the company to review its business objectives and ensure organizational effectiveness.


Launch of a new product line to increase North American market penetration.
Our strategic planning exercise for this retailer concluded that a joint venture to start manufacturing pet food for distribution in the North American market was key to increasing sales growth.