We help you assess potential market opportunities and evaluate trends to make informed business decisions.

Our market research team continuously scans and analyzes the market to help you identify relevant trends that are impacting your industry, evaluate your competitive market position, and assess new market opportunities that could drive growth for your business.

We’re experts at recognizing trends that matter and synthesizing market data to help you make informed business decisions.

What we do

Market Scanning

We continuously scan the market to help you identify emerging trends and assess how they are impacting or will impact your business.

Market Assessments

We conduct comprehensive market analysis and complete tailored market studies to help you evaluate the potential of new business opportunities.

Market Segmentation

We conduct deep market segmentation analysis to help you understand the value of different market segments and how to win within them.

Competitive Analysis

We help you analyze your competitors or the competition within a market that you are interested in and assess your current or potential competitive position.

Industry Benchmarking

We compile benchmarking reports that help you to evaluate how you measure up against industry leaders and what it will take to compete within or enter a market.

Opportunity Mapping

We help you develop opportunity maps that compile our market insights and pinpoint where the best market opportunities lie for your business.

How we help

Keep in front of emerging market trends, relevant innovations and aspirational experiences to draw insight and inspiration from.

Conduct comprehensive market and trend analysis to assess the potential of new market opportunities for your business.

Evaluate competitors and gain a clear understanding of where the best opportunities exist to create competitive advantage.

Develop comprehensive industry benchmarks for your current market or new markets that you would like to enter.

Gain the market intelligence needed to drive growth strategies for your business.

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Ascendis was engaged to lead CCM through a major digital transformation, including the planning, development and launch of CCM’s new DTC channel and eCommerce website. We also helped CCM gain a better understand their customers and envision their future customer experience.

Lee Valley Tools

Ascendis was engaged to help take Lee Valley’s customer experience, digital commerce platform and digital marketing programs to the next level. We delivered comprehensive customer and market insights, journey maps, experience designs and strategic roadmaps.

Global Cheese Manufacturer

A global cheese manufacturer engaged Ascendis and EY to help develop a new growth strategy that included the development of a new DTC channel. Ascendis and EY delivered detailed market analysis and consumer insights, and developed the business plan and go-to-market strategy for the new channel.

Client Testimonials