We help you gain an intimate understanding of the needs, motivations and desires of your target customers.

Our customer insights team conducts immersive qualitative research to help you gain an empathetic understanding of the everyday experiences that shape the lives of your customers and their relationship with your category, brand, products and services.

We enable you to see your business through the eyes of your customer, identify unmet or unarticulated customer needs, and uncover unique opportunities to enhance and differentiate your customer experience.

What we do

Rapid Ethnography

We conduct rapid ethnographic studies to help you gain deep insight into the everyday lives of your customers and their relationship with your business.

Observational Research

We observe how your customers conduct relevant activities and interact with your brand, products and services in the real world.

Customer Intercepts

We have casual conversations with a variety of customers to gain a diverse perspective on their needs, attitudes, motivations and desires.

Contextual Inquiry

We immerse ourselves into your customers’ daily lives and interact with them where they live, work, play and experience your products and services.

Customer Surveys

We develop and leverage quantitative customer surveys to help quantify and substantiate the key findings of our qualitative research at mass.

Experience Safaris

We facilitate guided tours and field trips that are designed to enable your team to experience the things that your customers experience first-hand.

Co-Creation Labs

We run co-creation labs and conduct a variety of participatory design activities that enable your customers to help you imagine new products and services.

Behavioural Archetyping

We develop detailed archetypes that depict the common needs, attitudes, motivations, desires and behaviours of relevant customer groups.

Empathy Mapping

We develop visualizations that help you understand who your customers are, what they need, and the relationship they have or should have with your business.

Journey Mapping

We help you define and illustrate your current customer journey across channels, identifying critical pain points, signature moments and opportunities to improve.

How we help

Build empathy with your customers by understanding the everyday experiences that shape their relationship with your business.

Gain intimate knowledge of your customers’ needs, motivations, expectations and desires towards your products and services.

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your customer’s current experience across channels and touchpoints.

Identify and evaluate critical pain points that your customers are currently experiencing across channels and touchpoints.

Pinpoint key opportunities to improve your customer experience and create products and services that resonate with them.

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Ascendis was engaged to lead CCM through a major digital transformation, including the planning, development and launch of CCM’s new DTC channel and eCommerce website. We also helped CCM gain a better understand their customers and envision their future customer experience.

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Ascendis helped Microsoft gain an intimate understanding of Surface customers and envision the ideal customer experience with Surface across channels. We delivered comprehensive customer insights reports, journey maps, experience designs and strategic roadmaps.

Client Testimonials