Dominic Deneault has worked in the world of business strategy for many years, during which he completed multiple projects (strategic planning, market studies, economic development plans) for companies in several sectors, whose value and investments total several hundred million dollars.

Dominic is also the founder of Adrenalys, a private multidisciplinary group dedicated to supporting CEOs and the management teams of 75 high-growth SMEs through innovative 360° professional services. Adrenalys provides access to the most influential players, capital of up to $500 million, and advanced expertise. Adrenalys seeks to create the new business elite of Quebec and Ontario.

As a speaker, he has participated in more than one hundred conferences to share best practices of SMEs in Quebec. As such, Dominic is the author of the book Le Québec Sur le Podium, published by Éditions Transcontinental.

He holds a BA in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Technology Management from École Polytechnique de Montréal.